My research involves utilizing hydrological, climatological, and land-use data and models to determine the likely presences of fish species throughout watersheds. Current work is taking the results from four watersheds in Central Chile – the Maipo, Maule, Biobío, and Toltén – and combining them with parallel work conducted by teams at the University of Chile and the University of Concepción for publication. Challenges that we faced in the completion of the work included data scarcity for freshwater fishes and an incomplete development of hydrological models for the watersheds.

I am interested in developing the understanding of Chilean freshwater fishes through the implementation of hydroecological theory. This theoretical framework has been utilized for ecology-informed natural-resource management in various locations, including Michigan (WWAP) and the European Union (WFD). Current research covers the following areas:

  • Assessing climatic and landscape factors associated with freshwater fish diversity in the extra-tropical Southern Hemisphere (with Francisco Meza and Pablo Marquet),
  • Determining the regional limitations for designations of what counts as a river across Chile (with Luca Mao and Piergiorgio Di Giamiani), and
  • Assessing the invasivion-proneness of global river basins (with Luca Mao, Dana Infante, and Evelyn Habit).

Outside of the lab, I like to spend time with my baby daughter, sample the growing number of Chilean beers, cycle around the city (follow me on Strava), travel around Chile, and learn that special brand of Spanish that is found in Chile. My ResearchGate profile shows some more of my current research projects.

Conference Attendances

  • 2018: Routes towards Sustainability: «What defines a river? Modelling the interplay between physical and social driving factors in characterising the waterways in Chile.»
  • 2017: XIV Congreso Sociedad Chilena de Limnología: “¿Sabemos en dónde están los peces? Mapear los hábitats de peces fluviales chilenos a través del uso de factores de gran escala”
  • 2016: VIII Southern Connection: «A Spatio-Ecological Model of the Maipo River Watershed in Central Chile: A Potential Conservation Policy Tool»
  • 2015: XII Congreso Sociedad Chilena de Limnología: «Los Impactos del Manejo del Terreno y Ubicación de Cuenca en la Condición Física de Peces Continentales en Cuencas Altas de Chile Central”
  • 2014: XI Congreso Sociedad Chilena de Limnología: “Modelación de los impactos del cambio en la norma de extracción de agua en una cuenca en el estado de Michigan, EEUU,”

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