Lenin Henríquez Dole is a PhD candidate at the Pontífica Universidad Católica de Chile. Actually he is studying the combined impact of climate change and land use change on the Maipo River Basin in Central Chile using the indicators of hydrologic alteration. As an engineer, he has experience installing meteorological and fluviometric facilities to record data, as well as data analysis for hydropower, bridge and culvert design. He has been involved in local and regional projects on water, education and science policy in several parts of the world (Jordan, Europe and Latin America) as UNESCO’s Science Assistant and UN Volunteer. His main research topics/interests are the impact of climate change in water resources, with emphasis in land use change, surface hydrology, and hydrologic/water management modelling at basin scale. He is a civil engineer focused on hydrology and holds a Master’s degree on Hydraulics and Environment with special approach on Water Resources Management from the Politechnical University of Valencia (Spain).

Far far away from lab he is a fan of the movies, books, art and travelling. He enjoys good wine and craft beers, have fun trekking, drawing and loves nature, so inviting him to a natural reserve (as well for a beer) is something he will never refuse.