Assessing Chilean EAs

Throughout the world, environmental assessments (EAs) are used to determine likely impacts of large scale projects and activities on the environment. The Chilean environmental assessment system (SEIA) has been in place for roughly 20 years, and during that time, Chile has constructed many water projects (including dams and canals), and aquaculture (especially salmon aquaculture) has … Sigue leyendo Assessing Chilean EAs

OdVs in the Maule, Biobío, and Toltén

Recently, I helped the team at the Centro de Cambio Global complete the aquatic ecology portion of the "Cuencas 2" project, funded by the Chilean Ministry of Energy. Our team was in charge of assessing a number of "Objetos de Valoración" (OdV) within the Maule, Biobío, and Toltén watersheds of Central and Southern Chile to … Sigue leyendo OdVs in the Maule, Biobío, and Toltén